Congratulations and Acknowledgements to the School Youth Hostel in Kraków and its branch in Zakopane:

  • The Mayor of the City of Kraków for the work preparing safe and comfortable conditions for young pilgrims during the “World Youth Days” and for the help and involvement in the performance of the XXXIV Nationwide Olympics of Electrical and Electronic Knowledge in Kraków, organized by the AGH University of Science and Technology.
  • The Minister of National Education for creating the best conditions for children and youth to discover the beauty of our Homeland.
  • The School Superintendent?s Office in Kraków for cooperation and assistance in the organization of the nationwide competition “Fates of the Near and of the Distant Ones ? the life of the Poles in the years 1914-1989” and for the dedication and heart put into activities encouraging young people to travel and discover the beauty of the world around them.
  • The Education Committee of the Krakow City Council for the involvement and assistance in the organization of the World Youth Days, readiness to work, service to other people, hospitality and openness to challenges.
  • Polish Youth Hostel Association and Polish Chamber of Youth Tourism for the assistance in organizing and running the PYHA-PCYT fair stand during the 11th International Educational Exhibition in Warsaw.
  • The Main Board of the Polish Youth Hostel Association for the assistance in the preparation of the celebrations of the 90th anniversary of the Youth Hostel Movement in Poland and the 85th anniversary of the PYHA Oleandry Youth Hostel and for active promotion of tourism and sightseeing among children and youth.
  • Branch of Małopolska Polish Youth Hostel Association for effective promotion of the idea of PYHA, active participation in its work and awakening the love of the native landscape among young people and for the help shown to our compatriots from Siberia during their stay in SYH Sokolska.
  • ?Cuma” School Youth Hostel in Szczecin for participation in the performance of the nationwide project “Centres and Shelters of Biodiversity”.
  • The Youth Centre in Kraków and the Mass Events Foundation for the support in the performance of the 5th International Festival of Ukrainian Theatre ?East ? West”.
  • Organizer of the School Tourist Exchange “Przygoda” for many years of involvement in the organization and support in the form of an award for the finalists of the 10th School Tourist Exchange “Przygoda”.
  • Foundation for the Jagiellonian University for help in the publication “Tropem Smoka. Bajeczny przewodnik po magicznym Krakowie dla dzieci i młodzieży? (In the footsteps of the dragon. A fabulous guide to magical Kraków for children and youth).
  • Complex of Vocational Schools in Wieliczka for professional and didactic care over internships in the hospitality sector.
  • XIV Nicolaus Copernicus Secondary School in Kraków for the interest and kind support for the implementation of the Seminar of the 2nd Youth Forum from Poland and Germany “Memory builds the Future”.